Stock Market Spy Tool-OVI Indicator That Legally Spies On Big Banks And Tells What Stocks To Buy or Sell!

Discover a unique stock market spy tool that tells where the hidden money is moving in the stock market! Discover the OVI — a groundbreaking, indicator you can use to legally “spy” on the big banks and know EXACTLY what stocks to buy or sell.It isn’t often that the ‘little guy’ or Main Street gets an opportunity to take a swing at Wall Street, but that’s exactly what is about to happen. Let me tell you a quick story: You already know the governments spent billions bailing out the banking industry in 2008 and 2009…but how is it possible that those same institutions were able to turn themselves around SO FAST, that they paid back those “TARP” funds AND celebrated billions of dollars in profit?

In just one year? Last I checked, unemployment was still at all time highs; consumer spending was still at all time lows; home foreclosures were still at record levels…Where did the Big Banks manage to ‘bank profit’? From you. Now, published author and stock trading veteran Guy Cohen has stood up and said, “Enough!”

In a very special report, Guy is going to show the world how the Big Banks and Wall St. are LEGALLY ALLOWED to manipulate the markets (and you can’t do anything to stop them). He’s also going to share with you:

– Proof that SOMEONE knew that Bear Stearns was about to collapse TWO WEEKS before it happened (Wouldn’t you like to to have this kind of ‘inside’ information?) (part 2)

– Information you are LEGALLY ENTITLED to have — but the Big Banks and Wall St. are INTENTIONALLY hiding it from you. (Part 5)

Then, Guy is going to show you how you can use a unique tool to ‘spy’ on the ‘smart’ money and how that tool can accurately predict where the ‘hidden’ money is moving in the stock markets. If you’re tired of being taken advantage of by the Big Banks and Wall Street, here’s your one chance to get ALL the information you need to fight back.  This special report will only be available until May 19th, due to the explosive information contained within it. I’ve previewed Guy’s special report — do NOT miss this!


  • How Stock Market Works

    March 6, 2011

    Very informative article..

  • Gerhardus

    November 5, 2011

    Hi i am looking for a ovi indicater can you help me