Trade The Banks Special Report Series By Guy Cohen And OVI Indicator That Legally Spies On The Big Banks & Tells What Stocks To Buy or Sell!

Trade The Banks with Guy Cohen! If you’re a stock trader or investor, what I’m about to share with you is scary –Did you know that the US Government actually gave permission to a “special ops” team to deliberately manipulate the stock markets? I’m sure you didn’t (I know I didn’t). But that’s not the biggest issue! Discover the OVI — a groundbreaking, indicator you can use to legally “spy” on the big banks and know EXACTLY what stocks to buy or sell.

In Trade The Banks special report series that is sure to wake up the middle class and cause massive havoc over the next several days, published author and stock market veteran Guy Cohen is exposing how DEEP that manipulation really goes. In his special report, Guy will share with you:

** How Big Banks and Financial Institutions are able to play money games with every stock trader’s cash (PLUS: how they do it and how you can stop them).

** Proof that SOMEONE knew that Bear Stearns was about to collapse TWO WEEKS before it happened (PLUS: How you can position yourself to take advantage of ‘insider’ moves like this one).

** The information you are LEGALLY ENTITLED to have — but the big banks and Wall St. are INTENTIONALLY hiding it from you (BONUS: How you can get that information and why you need it).

…and a great deal more. If you thought that 1,000 point drop in the Dow on May 6 couldn’t have been predicted… Think again. Guy called it a week before it happened. How? Because he developed a unique market ‘spy’ which tells him
what the “smart, silent” money is is doing, and where the ‘hidden’ money is moving in the stock market.

Without that information, you can’t compete with the Big Banks, Wall Street or the government, and you’ll simply get sucker punched by the banks and Wall Street, over and over. With it…wait until you see what you can do. If you want to discover how you’re being suckered by the Big banks and learn how you can get your hands on the information you deserve to have, then take a moment to get in on Guy’s VIP access to his Special Report Series.

Trade The Banks report will be available until May 19th. After that it will disappear. Don’t miss a single part of this eye-opening series:  How Did The Big Banks Turn YOUR Tax Dollars Into BILLIONS In Profit…And Put Your Investments, Assets and Financial Future at Risk? You ONLY have ONE CHOICE …

1. Allow the Big Banks To Take Your Money and Wreck Your Future


2. Fight Back (Legally) and Beat The Banks at THEIR OWN GAME …

Learn how This Trader Knew In Advance That Last Week’s Crash Was Coming and How He Warned The World On April 26th … Get Access To This Special Trade The Banks Report NOW!

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