Guy Cohen’s Illuminati Traders

Guy Cohen: Illuminati Traders are just normal (but now wealthy) men and women who trade as a sideline. They may do a couple of hours a month – and that’s it.  Nobody would even know they are traders. They usually trade from a PC in their own homes. But there’s more to the story…

Having pieced together what these people were up to, I could see at a glance that it would work for me – and work beautifully. This wasn’t some lame, obvious system, but something rather clever – and very different. No wonder so few people (relatively) were doing this.

One thing that impressed me straight away was how little time this took. I’d been used to spending most evenings (sometimes up to five hours!) staring at charts and screens, struggling to guess which way the market would move. Illuminati Trading seemed to dispense with all of that. The maximum time needed was a few hours each month – most days there was nothing to do at all.

Illuminati Trading does NOT need much time, unlike so many other systems out there. If you’re looking to fill 5 hours a day – this isn’t for you! You’ll struggle to fill 5 hours A WEEK!!!  That concept took a bit of getting used to. Next, I’d been used to studying tricky charts and graphs, applying difficult formulae and doing other complex tasks to try and wrestle a buy/sell signal from the wildly swinging share price.

It drove me crazy… and all for a measly few points. I discovered that Illuminati traders have access to their own secret software portal which did most of the work for them! It reduced hours of work to a couple of mouse clicks… and a LOT more profit too. One more crucially important point…There was another significant advantage to Illuminati trading. Due to something called ‘gearing’ (leverage) you didn’t need a huge amount of money to invest in order to win a lot.  One of the amazing things about Illuminati trading is you only trade at certain special times – the rest of the time is yours to have fun. 
NO staring at a computer screen for hours each day.
NO large amounts of cash required.
NO complex calculations to do.
NO degree in math, economics or psychology required!
This can be done by any adult of average intelligence – I proved that and so have my apprentices.

What Does It Take?  However, you do need some qualities to become an Illuminati Trader and in fairness to you I’m going to spell them out. That way you can decide if this is for you or not. Fair enough? So what do you need? First you need the ability to follow my simple step-by-step instructions. Sounds easy? I wonder. Many people get clever and think they know better than me. When you start to make big money from this, you may be tempted to tinker with this proven system. Don’t!  If you think you haven’t got the discipline to follow what I say, then it’s best that we part company now!

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