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Best forex robot FAP Turbo gets an A+.  Auto trading is the buzz word now! Everyone wants an auto trading system that can trade and make money on its own while we sleep. Steve Carletti definitely gets an A+ when it comes to his Forex robot software FAP Turbo. This is no doubt the best auto forex trading system that worked well through out 2009. You may not be familiar with the name but if you are interested in Forex trading, then his software could mean the difference between losing your investments and actually turning a profit. Though there are several different programs available, Carletti goes about marketing his program in a different manner. He seems to know that knowledge goes hand-in-hand with trading software systems if there is going to be a profit. Most other software systems do not follow this philosophy.

FAP Turbo is a forex trading software or what you call an Expert Advisor that you can install on MetaTrader MT 4 Platform in minutes. It monitors your currency pairs around the clock. This forex software program is designed to sell and buy the selected currency pairs when it hits a certain price. If you were to try to do it yourself, then you may miss valuable windows of opportunity that could lead to financial loss instead of financial gain.

This Forex robot software is one of the most heavily endorsed and used. Now, more than 50,000 people are using it to make money from the comfort of their homes.  You cannot visit a Forex robot software review website without seeing it mentioned. And the user reviews are extremely positive. Most find the software incredibly easy to use and have actually made money using it. That is the end goal and one you should be aiming for when you use any Forex robot software program.

When you visit FAP Turbo site  it looks like any other website that is shilling a product or set of ebooks. There is even the little catchy hook that advises you to buy now because they are raising the price after a few more are sold due to the cost of advertising. Rest assured though that you can get the software and all of the manuals for $149.00 with no recurring billing. And you certainly do get a lot of support help with the software. That is a great plus especially if you are not very computer savvy or not completely comfortable with trading.

Steve Carletti has the right idea. His system, FAP Turbo, does not rely on software alone to make it successful. He garners positive reviews because he offers a Forex robot software program that is in conjunction with a learning system. If you do not know how Forex trading works, then no software will ever be truly successful because you do not understand the fundamentals. Carletti’s software is getting A+ reviews because he tackles this problem with a two pronged approach; education and software. Save your hard-earned $$$ before you buy anything. Does FAP Turbo software really work? Read independent FAP TURBO Reviews and learn the shocking results! 

Update December Charles Floyd, a veteran forex trader of many decades who started the  FAP Winner program has issued special FAPTURBO Settings report with his own settings & strategy and added fapturbo to Fap Winner portfolio and discussions and started fapturbo mentoring class. If you are really serious about reaching a million in two years, you will find a workable plan at FAP Winner. Learning how to trade with an Expert Advisor is what FAP Winner teaches. Auto trading with an Expert Advisor like FAP Turbo can make you a lot of pips and money once you know how to optimize its setting with FAP Winner.

Update January During last month we’ve been pretty flooded with your emails about new Fapturbo robot that showed such fabolous results in real trading in november. Is it still working?? [youtube][/youtube]

Update august Rob Casey has developed a detailed fapturbo guide which is worth reading. Rob Casey was a particle physicist at the world’s premier particle physics lab CERN before he became interested in forex trading.  Rob is absolutely right when he says that in order to get the most out of a forex robot, you need to learn forex trading first.  In the hands of a trained forex trader, a forex robot can be a powerful tool. His FAP Turbo Expert Guide is not free however if you are serious of making money on fapturbo it is worth it. Read FAP Turbo Expert Guide. It is something you shouldn’t miss!

Update October I am betatesting the new fapturbo 49. It is a new version that will be released soon!

Update November 2009 New version fapturbo 49 was released. It has great new settings for USDCAD and EURCHF and trades new currency pair: USDCHF.

Update January 2010 New version works really good. Here is my balance growth from the account:


In the end, auto forex trading with a forex robot can be highly profitable if you know something about forex trading and know how the forex markets work.  FAP Turbo, FAP Winner and FAP Turbo Expert Guide are proven and tested programs. All have a 60 days money back guarantee meaning that you can try them for 60 days and if not happy return them within that period. You need to take a look at FAP Turbo! Download the FAP Turbo Expert Guide, optimize the settings of FAP Turbo, test it on your demo account for two months. Make it a rule, always test a new trading system on your demo account first. Test it thoroughly. With FAP Turbo, FAP Winner and FAP Turbo Expert Guide, you have full two months with you to try them and see if they work for you. See if FAP Turbo works as promised. If not, simply go for a refund! You lose nothing! But don’t miss FAP Turbo!


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