ETF Trading With Big A

This is what Brett Fogle, President of Options University has to says about ETF Trend Trading with Big A: The webinar last night with “Big A”, the former money manager, was very well-received. He called it “How To Safely Average 6.43% A Month Trading Only 10 Minutes Per Night”, and he gave us more powerful trading content than most paid courses.  And, because the webinar was filled to capacity… we are posting the recording.

One of the things he taught us is called the “Law of Association.” The law states that in 5 years, you will become like the people you hang out with, the books you read and the courses you study. The bottom line is this:

If you want to learn to trade big, or profitably and consistently, you need to be around someone who does. Someone like “Big A”, who used to trade $50 million at a time. Here’s a short list of some of the highlights:

– A little known position sizing trick that can make twice your returns… regardless of what market or system you trade.

– Two simple tricks that instantly erase 95% of your emotions in trading. As all traders know, the emotions of fear and greed are their number one enemies… beat them and you win.

– How some hedge funds “hunt” stops, and a simple trick to avoid being a victim. Yes hedge funds, brokers and other individuals (not the “market”) really do hunt stops.

– How money managers can only risk 1-2% per trade and still make great returns.

– Why trading is not a “zero sum game”… and what this really means for the average trader.

– How to make strong gains using the daily charts and trading only 10 minutes per night.

– How Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers and others became great traders and investors.

– What the “gurus” selling hype trading courses are hiding from you… and six easy ways to spot a counterfeit “trading teacher” from a mile away.

– One of his profit target strategies. (He has 4 proprietary tactics and gives us one, no charge).

– How to not be vague with your entries and stops… like others who say, “Get me in at a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___.”

– A little known, complimentary scanner tool that can help you trade profitably, right now.

– A complimentary Excel spreadsheet that does ALL the math for you so you can easily see the optimal position size and risk vs.reward ratio on all trades.

– Why ETFs are the best instruments to trade.

– and much more.

Reviewing this webinar will be a wise use of your time. “Big A” really did place trades as large as 50 million before he left the world of money management. He shares a little of his story, but most of the hour is spent on the subjects above.  So find out “How To Safely Average 6.43% A Month Trading Only 10 Minutes Per Night”!