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You can download the new March/April/May release of Traders Magazine now. In this new 122 page March/April/May release of Traders Magazine, you read articles on W.D Gann, Elliott Waves and your trading success. It is always a good idea to read these magazines in which you get an insight on how other professional traders analyze the market. In in the end it all boils down to how you look at the charts and analyze it. Traders World Magazine is The Official Magazine Of Technical Analysis. You can also download 40 previous copies of Traders World Magazine FREE.

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Trading success is all about learning from other successful traders. Getting the best trading education and training is what will help you in the long run as a trader. Reading a trading magazine is good education. Larry Jacobs is the Editor-in-Chief of Traders Magazine. Larry Jacobs is the Winner of the World Cup Trading Championship for stocks in 2001. BS, MS in Business and author of 6 trading books. Don’t know what World Cup Trading Championship is? Traders like you and us have been joining the World Cup Trading Championship since 1983. Winning a real time and real money trading championship is the best method to test your skills and earn the respect of the trading community.

Entries are being accepted for the 2016 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® and the 2016 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading®. These are real-money competitions based on net returns, with a minimum of just 10 round-turn trades of any size required to qualify for coveted Bull & Bear trophies, great prizes and an opportunity to join the advisory team at 2016 marks the 33rd consecutive year of World Cup Trading Championship events…

But before you decide to text your skills in a trading championship, you should subscribe to the Traders Magazine. The annual subscription cost is just $19.95 with 50% off which comes out to be less than $1.5 per month. You also get full 2 months of money back guarantee.

Each new issue has new articles and new investing strategies that can take your trading to the next higher level. In these new articles you learn from pro traders how to protect your account from catastrophic losses, how to keep your emotions under control and how to generate clear and unambiguous winning trading signals. In these articles you learn where to place the stop loss and how to maximize your profit potential.

For example in the article, “The EUR/USD: The Big Picture”, Jamie Johnson says: “The EUR/USD has, for the most part, traded sideways for the past year and a half with very small net trend change. It has also traded within the same March 2015-August 2015 range. In other words, it has been in a consolidation for the past 16 plus months. The questions are, when will the consolidation end, if not already complete, and what will be the breakout direction?…”

Looking at the big picture can help you become a better swing trader. There are host of other articles by pro traders that will help you learn new trading techniques and strategies.

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