MarCo-ColorCrossover And MarCo-MA2Color Indicators FREE Download

In the last post we told you about the Tradeonix pre-launch by professional forex trader Russ Horn. Did you download the FX Market Code 24 page PDF? If you haven’t then you should not only download this FX Market Code System but also download this new Dynamic Cash Tracker System 23 page PDF as well. This Dynamic Cash Tracker System 24 page PDF comes with 2 custom indicators that Russ Horn is giving you FREE. These 2 indicators are MarCo-ColorCrossover and MarCo-MA2Color indicators that you can download FREE.

MarCo ColorCrossover

There are different types of Moving Averages (MAs). The most common used are:

    1. Simple
    2. Exponential
    3. Hull
    4. Smoothed
    5. Linear Weigthed
    6. Triangular
    7. Double Exponential
    8. Triple Exponential

There are a number of ways that you can use moving averages. In the above screenshot, Russ Horn explains how he used the MarCo-ColorCrossover indicator in his trading system. You should download the Dynamic Cash Tracker 23 page PDF that explains how you should use the moving averages in your trading. Basically there are 2 methods to use moving averages. One is the moving average crossover method in which we wait for the crossover of the moving averages. The problem with this method is at times the crossover is a false signal and there is a whipsaw.

The other method is to use moving averages is dynamic support and resistance levels. In his 23 page PDF, Russ Horn explains how you are going to use the 2 methods in trading. Russ Horn also gives you the best settings for these MAs. The most popular MA setting is 50 SMA or 50 EMA. When price is above 50 SMA/EMA, trend is up and when price is below 50 SMA/EMA, trend is down. Don’t use small MA settings like 3/5/8. However settings like 21/34/55 are good. Russ Horn uses MA setting of 34.

We use these 2 EMAs: 21 EMA and 55 EMA. We don’t trade EMA crossovers. However we use these 2 EMAs as dynamic levels of Support/Resistance. The first level of support/resistance is 21 EMA. If it is broken then the second level of support/resistance is 55 EMA. If this is also broken then the trend has changed. Russ Horn has also provided an auto installer that will install these 2 MarCo-ColorCrossover and MarCo-MA2Color indicators. When the movinb average slope changes these 2 indicators change color. Russ Horn explains in his PDF how you are going to trade with these 2 indicators. Stay tuned as in the next few days, Russ Horn is going to give away more stuff gratis. He is also giving a copy of his Tradeonix system gratis on leaving a comment that explains what you like about Russ Horn’s systems. The best comment will get the copy of Tradeonix system copies gratis.

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