Swat Trading Tactics- Arcsine Law FREE PDF Plus Small Wins Formula!

Gordon Scott has recently released some of his Swat Trading Tactics. If you are a stock trader, you might want to watch the FREE Swat Trading Tactics Videos made by Gordon Scott plus download the Arcsine Law PDF FREE. According to Gordon Scott this Arcsine Law can be considered a stock market loophole and it’s discovery can be pivotal for traders. You might have come across the random walk problem if you had taken a course on probability and statistics in your college years. You see finance professors consider the stock market to be a random walk. Statistically you can’t predict the stock market’s next move from the previous move. Stock prices go up and down randomly. This is what the finance professors think and teach.

Applying Arcsine Law To The Stock Market

But as a trader you know it is possible to increase the odds in your favor. Suppose you increase the odds of winning from 50% to 66%, imagine how much this slight increase in the winning percentage can help you as a trader. Since the stock markets are random, the best thing is to attack it using probability and statistics. This is precisely what Gordon Scott discovered in his 20 years of trading career. Arcsine Law is nothing new. It is well known to the students of probability and statistics and is often used in probabilistic modeling.

Swat Trading Tactics

What Gordon Scott has done is apply it to stock trading. You should watch these Swat Trading Tactics videos made by Gordon Scott. They are FREE. You should also download the Arcsine Law PDF which is FREE as well. If you want to know more, you can register for the Swat Trading Tactics Webinar as well in which Gordon Scott is going to speak more on how you can apply this Arcsine Law to your stock trading and he is also going to disclose his Small Wins Formula that can help double your portfolio in around 144 trades.

Small Wins Formula That Can Double Your Portfolio In 144 Trades

Not knowing this trading loophole can cost you leaving tens of thousands of dollars as trading profits each year. So don’t miss watching these Swat Trading Tactics FREE videos. It might give you the edge to finally become a consistently profitable trader. This small wins trading formula can increase your portfolio by 100% in around 144 trades as said above. Gordon Scott is also going to teach you how to achieve a 66% winning rate each and every month. What is the best trading tool? MACD or the Stochastic? Guess? No, it is good education and training. So don’t miss these Swat Trading Tactics FREE videos!