Binary Options Magnet The World’s First Binary Options Bot!

Thomas Hunt who happens to be an ex-forex trader has been quietly working on a binary options bot that he has named the Binary Options Magnet. This Binary Options Magnet is supposed to be the first binary options bot. No more staring at the charts, no more fear of leaving the screen and no more need to sit in front of your computer for hours. This Binary Options Magnet is going to do all the hard work for you. Thomas Hunt makes something like $100 to $900 per week with this binary options robot. Last week, it was 9 winners out of 10 with a total profit of $538.

Automated forex trading is now the realm of the possible. In the last few years, many forex robots were released to the market. Most of them don’t work. Some do work. But only work for a few months. This is how things have been in the forex market. The best method to trade forex is as always manual. You will need to master how to read the charts and do your own analysis that tells you when to enter and when to exit.

Trading binary options is also like that. It needs analysis. You cannot make random guesses that the market will move up or down. What you need is a system that ensures that you win something like 80-90% of the bets that you make with these binary options. If you are not a consistent winner 80-90% of the time, you will end up a loser. So in order to be profitable just like in forex, you need a proven and tested system in binary options trading as well.

Trading binary options is something new. Many day traders are now regularly trading binary options. Unlike forex where you have to manage the trade all the time, here you don’t need to do anything like that. Just enter the trade and after that it’s set and forget. If you had made the right bet, you win a return of 71-81% depending on which broker you are using. And if you made the wrong bet, you lose your initial investment. Nothing more. So unlike forex, the risk is well defined from the very start. It is just your initial investment. The profit is also well defined. It is always going to be something like 71-81% (the return depends on the broker). With this binary options bot, you don’t even have to do that. The bot is going to make the trades for you. You can test drive the Binary Options Magnet RISK FREE for 60 days.


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  • Tracey

    October 14, 2013

    This system is false.. said he would give you $1000 to start haha!! yeah right.. downloaded the software and it doesn’t even work.. just another person scaming people out of their hard earned money..