Million Dollar Pips Robot By William Morrison!

Million Dollar Pips by William Morrison is a forex robot that uses a scalping strategy that is unique and safe. It trades on the 1M chart with a very tight stop loss rarely more than 2-7 pips. It scalps the mini breakouts using machine speed with smart trailing technique. Trading on the 1M charts means a lot of trading opportunities plus a lot of noise. Million Dollar Pips robot uses a simple combination of an indicator and price action to detect and scalp the mini breakouts. This is the only million dollar robot in the market. William Morrison, the developer of this Million Dollar Pips EA says that if you had started with only $250 one year back, you would have returned to a cool $1,295,161.50 one year later.

Million Dollar Pips Turned $250 into $1,295,161.50  in 1 year in Backtesting!

William Morrison developed software for 18 years for a big named company. He got interested in the forex market and over the course of two year bought 6 forex robots. All 6 had been poorly programmed. This prompted him to develop his own robot that combined low risk with huge consistent profits. So for the next one and the half year, he tried, tested and failed. Then, he hit upon this simple solution of scalping the mini breakouts on 1M chart. This worked and the backtested results showed that this Million Dollar Pips EA could turn $250 into $1,295,161.50  in 1 year never risking more than 2.5% of the account equity.

Now, William Morrison is ready to send you the detailed five years backtesting results if you are interested. In live trading this Million Dollar Pips robot turned $1000 into $1847.40 in a matter of 3 weeks making a gain of 80% which is not bad ofcourse. So, if you are interested in this Million Dollar Pips EA, ask William Morrison to send you the detailed backtesting results. Start from there and then forward test this robot on your demo account and see how well it performs. Suppose, you get the same good results as William got, you can make a deposit of $250 and trade this robot on a micro account and see how well it performs. If it performs well good, otherwise ask for a refund. You can try Million Dollar Pips Robot RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.