FREE INO TV MarketUpdate And How to protect capital without gold!

Adam Hewison of just finished his 1 p.m. Market Update for Tuesday the 14th of June. Every day at 1pm the latest video will be available on INO TV Free as well as other great videos from: Chuck LeBeau, Jack Schwager, Ron Ianieri, John Murphy, Larry Williams, Mark Douglas, George Fontanills and Mark Cook…all in one place for FREE! To see the full video just visit INO TV, its FREE and will give you unique daily insight into current markets and seminars from market legends. Okay, now here’s a brief of what’s happening now in the major markets:

– SP 500: -60. This market remains in a broad trading range with resistance coming in beginning at 1296 and 1305 and finally 1315 which represents a 62% Fibonacci retracement. Major downside support is at 1250.

– Silver:-60. Currently this market is oversold however it is in the state of flux with no clear trend. We would use the Don Chin channels and the fact that this market is oversold and expect to see a bounce from current levels. Major Support at $34.00.

– Gold: +55. Gold is currently oversold and we would cool for cool he is is a are slow to reduce this prison abuse or her will way expect to see some further either sideways action or a move to improve levels. The Donchian channel comes in at 1503. Major support at $1,500.

– Crude Oil: -60 Trading range. Long term indicator remains positive. Support coming into this market at $96 a barrel market is currently oversold. Choppy market.

– Dollar Index: -85. The longer term and mid term Trade Triangles remain in a negative position. Resistance now at 75.00 and 76.50. Minor support at 73.50 Major support at 73.00.

– Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodity Index: +55. Near-term resistance at 350.00. Minor support at 340. Major support at 335.00. Trading range.

Yesterday he showed us how to find winning trades using trade triangle technology. The market he found yesterday was at FCS which is the symbol for Fairchild semiconductor. This market is higher today however it is still in a negative zone. Let’s see what else Adam finds using MarketClub’s Trade Triangle technology today, just click here for instant access to INO TV FREE.

How to protect capital without gold!

Adam Hewison: Today, I decided to do a video to show you how you can protect your capital using something other than gold. In this new, never before seen, 7 minute video, you will see exactly what we’re looking at and how you can protect your nest egg very easily using tools that you may or may not be familiar with. It would seem as though the financial markets, particularly certain financial stocks, are incredibly vulnerable. The erratic recovery we saw from the lows in March of 2009 maybe in jeopardy. In fact, with many financial stocks making new lows for the year, it does not augur well for the future.

Also, there’s been a lot of prognostication about the end of America as you know it. “Kiss America Goodbye,” and “The Death of America,” are just a few of the wild headlines that are out there. This video takes you to the next level and offers you a concrete path on what to do to protect your capital and nest egg. This video is available for viewing free of charge with no registration requirements. I highly recommend you take just a few minutes of your day to watch this MarketClub Video. Save yourself from a tremendous amount of frustration and loss of capital with these easy to understand steps.