Swing Rider Daily Bar Chart Trading System For Stocks!

Swing Rider Daily Bar Chart Trading System is for the stock market that tries to take advantage of longer term moves made by stocks. You can think of this Swing Rider System to be the modern version of the Nicolas Darvas Techno-Fundamental Trading System. Remember Nicolas Darvas, the famous ballroom dancer who had turned his $25K into $2M in 18 months in late 1950s by scanning the newspapers in just 15 minutes during late night and early morning readings. He was a dancer who would tour the world most of the time for shows with his half sister Julia and would trade stocks in the night as a hobby. In those days, there was no internet and no concept of online trading. He would tell his broker to buy or sell stocks on the phone or the cable. His stock market story got featured in the Time Magazine in 1959!

Nicolas Darvas is considered to be a stock trading legend. In today’s money, the value of $2M that he made is something like $25M. Darvas was a self taught investor who learned from his mistakes and eventually invented the famous Darvas Box Trading Method that gave him the success. But the stock markets have changed. You might not be able to apply his exact methods in the modern stock market almost in the exact manner like Darvas did. Darvas grossly over traded then but luck was working in the favor of Darvas as he had started trading stocks just at the right time when the bull market had just started. You will need to refine his stock trading methods and adopt them to the modern stock market to make them work for you.

This Swing Rider System can be called a modern version of Darvas Techno-Fundamental Trading System.You can think of the Swing Rider System as a successor to the Darvas System. The selection of stocks is more sophisticated in the Swing Rider System and entry techniques are much more elaborate. This Swing Rider System concentrates on the stocks of companies with products of the futures just like Darvas did.  Just as Darvas put it many years ago: “There was nothing else for me to do while Texas Instruments, Zenith Radio and Fairchild Camera went to work for me.”

You need to have some trading experience and willingness to invest some work if you want to succeed with the Swing Rider System. Stock selection criteria is based on companies with the right products coupled with long term price strength of their stocks. Daily bar charts are used to feel the pulse of the stocks on the technical side. Only the most accessible information is needed on the fundamental side. Swing Rider System works with tight stop losses and trades can be executed with suitable limit or stop order. A trade can last from a few days to a few weeks. The market decides according to the rules of the system how long a position needs to be held. This system can be applied to ETFs. You can try the Swing Rider System RISK FREE for 60 days.

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