FX Original Is A Stable, Reliable EA That Makes 300% Return Per Annum!

FX Original will be launched in the next few days…Do you want something stable, consistent and reliable? 300% a year is what the real traders shoot for! FX Original is the collective knowledge of trading masters! Everywhere you look these days, you see guys pitching you robots with some REALLY inflated results. 400% a month, 100% in a week… and it’s all B.S. You know it and I know it!

I’m sure you’ve heard the seven million different reasons for all of this. You get a bunch of guys who don’t know anything about trading but DO know a lot about coding. They do some fancy curve fitting, run a couple of back-tests, churn out a fancy robot and we get hooked. One dead Forex account later, they’ve disappeared and you’re stuck with yet more junk on your hard drive.

I want to tell you that this is different, but you won’t believe me. You have to see it for yourself: This is something that HAS NOT been done with automation before. A group of professional traders, who trade MANUALLY, took all of their knowledge and put it into one piece of software. That software is called FX Original! It’s not an A.I. or anything filled with complicated techno-jargon. This is old fashion manual trading with rules based on solid technical analysis… they’ve just automated the process of taking those trades.

Basically, you’re looking at an EA the way it SHOULD be made. They’ve taken a different approach to this whole thing…They’re not promising that you’re going to get rich overnight. They’re not promising you 1,000% in 2 months. They’re promising you stable, reliable, consistent profits to the tune of 300% per annum. And, do you know what? That’s realism. That’s what professional traders aim for. HUGE gains need HUGE risk… and more often than not, you lose. That can all end today!

If you want to make a solid profit from the market, completely hands free AND you don’t want to worry that your account could be wiped out at any moment then FX Original is what you’re looking for! Go take a look at their statements. They’re providing investor password access to their live account so that’s another reason why you know these guys are on the level! I’m very impressed, I’ve never seen a group as honest as the FX Original team. The best part about FX Original is that they’ve made it very affordable. This is within reach of just about anybody who needs to make their money work for them!