Forex Trader PRO 2.0 FXTP C4 Sniper Is So Precise And Accurate It Banks Additional 15-45 Pips Per Day Like Clockwork!

Forex Trader PRO 2.0 is ready to be unleashed in the next few weeks. Forex Trader PRO 2.0 is the next giant step in the series of steps that started with the Project X and Forex Mastery 2.0 to Project Tango and Forex Trader PRO by forex trading legend and Texan sports bettor for two decades Forex Joe Atkins.  This is what the OUForexTrader team says about Forex Trader PRO 2.0:  “The Forex Trader Pro 2.0 launch begins tomorrow, April 26th!  We are very excited about our new product and the improvements that we have made since we first released Forex Trader Pro to the public in late 2010.  Based on our subscriber’s feedback and changes in the market place, we have created a new product!

With the brand new C4 Sniper, our traders “can’t miss” when they take aim on their trades each day!  We also have the new interactive members forum, the C4 Currency Trend Tracker, the C4 Currency Control Center, and much more in addition to the already incredible Forex Trader Pro system.  Your blog readers will thank you for showing them this great offer! Our Forex Trader PRO 2.0 release will come with the “C4 Sniper” program which will appeal to scalp traders, the “Cluster Bomb” alert service which will call attention to forming trades, the “C4 Currency Manager”, a new members forum, and much much more.”

“The Sniper” forces you to bag more pip gains…Back in January the trading experts over at OptionsU Forex Trader released Forex Trader Pro to much fanfare. Thousands of eager Forex traders snapped up the available courses almost as fast as they could take the orders. Why were these traders so eager to be a part of this amazing new trading system? Simple. It’s because Forex Trader Pro is quite possibly the most powerful and accurate Forex trading system on the market.  (Dozens and dozens of testimonials now confirm that fact).

If you didn’t get in on the initial product launch, not to worry. That’s because OptionsU Forex Trader is ready to launch the ‘new and improved’ Forex Trader Pro. That’s right. They’ve made numerous enhancements to an already super-effective Forex trading system that make it even better and easier to use. Rather than trying to describe these exciting changes to FXTP here, they decided to demonstrate them to you instead. So they created a series of videos to do exactly that.

C4 Sniper

In the first Forex Trader PRO 2.0 video, you’ll discover an enhancement that makes Forex trading so precise and accurate, it’s called “The Sniper.” With “The Sniper”, you’ll be able to navigate the sometimes treacherous Forex markets at least 3 times faster and easier than ever before, and bank an additional 15 to 45 pips per day like clockwork! It’s that powerful. But seeing is believing. Don’t miss to view The Sniper in action…

C4 Currency Trend Tracker

C4 Currency Trend Tracker is another pip-gain providing upgrade to Forex Trader Pro called the C4 Currency Trend Tracker. This one is really interesting…It’s programmed to secretly “stalk” the current and historical currency pairs, and provide you with a candid “snapshot” of the market you can exploit for frequent and outsized pip gains.

C4 Currency Control Center And Cluster Bomb Alerts

In this latest video, I’ll introduce you to their new, easy to use C4 Currency Control Center, along with its most exciting feature they call the “Cluster Bomb Alerts.” This “explosive” major new enhancement to Forex Trader Pro will indeed become your “Control Central” for expert Forex trading. Again, to understand the actual benefits of these improvements, you’ll need to watch the video.

And keep an eye on my next posts, because over the next few days they’re going to release a couple more videos that will show you the ‘insides’ of the Forex Trader Pro 2.0 trading system. You’ll discover EXACTLY how the new improvements will help you bag even more “super-sized” pip gains with laser-like precision. Don’t miss the first major improvement in Forex Trader Pro 2.0! See “The Sniper”  in action…And be on the lookout for my next post. I’ll show you how to “stalk” the Forex market for big gains.

Forex Trader PRO 2.0 Webinars

Come see how your Forex trading is about to be changed (for the better) forever. Don’t miss the chance to see how already ultra-successful Forex traders are taking their trading to the next level and beyond! Register for one (or both) of the May 5 Forex Trader Pro 2.0 Webinars just now!


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