Forex Trading Method By Rich Is The Best Strategy For The Short Term Momentum Trader!

Forex Trading Method is the best strategy for the short-term momentum trader…Are you looking for a reliable way to trade the Forex that consistently gives profitable results? Do you like to place short-term trades? I have one of the best short-term strategies for you this week, the “Forex Trading Method”.  This method is very reliable and consistently gives profitable results. It’s based on momentum and uses 3 indicators. It gives an alert when a trade is setting up so you can monitor as many pairs as you like. You can use the forex trading method anytime day or night to find high probability short term trades using this short term momentum trading forex strategy.

The Forex Trading Method is the best Forex strategy for the short-term momentum trader who enjoys making pips every day. You go long or short when momentum is on your side. You will use a combination of technical analysis identify the ideal opportunity to place a trade. This is complimented by strict money management. One indicator takes into account the recent movements which is what you need for momentum trades. You will also use indicators to ensure that you take trends in line with the broader trend. The final indicator is used to filter out low probability signals and to help gauge momentum. The technical analysis is done behind the scenes within the code. You just have to wait for the arrows to appear.


You will use a tight stop and trail our entry to ride momentum and milk the trade as much as possible. This will allow you to make maximal profit whilst minimizing your exposure to losses. You will maintain strict money management to gain pips. The automated Forex robot places an arrow and gives you alerts when the technical analysis is showing opportunity for a profitable trade. The alert is a “beep” from your terminal and (optional) an email. The timeframe is the M5 and it works on multiple currency pairs.

You can load the automated Forex robot on as many pairs as you want and it will monitor them for you – you don’t even need to be at your screen. This is a feature that not many Forex strategies offer and makes it easier to grab pips without having to screen watch. However, the Forex Trading Method is a manual strategy, the robot only does the technical analysis for you. You can try the Forex Trading Method RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account!