The Ultimate Golden Cross By Loz Lawn!

The Ultimate Golden Cross…This is how powerful the Ultimate Golden Cross MT4 Custom Alert Indicator is…$2K made in just 50 minutes…1371 pips in 23 days on GBPUSD daily chart…1542 pips on EURUSD daily chart. If you want to make at least 1,000 pips per month then you should try the Ultimate Golden Cross Custom Trade Alert Indicator. It’s rare times like this an opportunity arises…12 yr day trader Loz Lawn develops a system he’s been using for years; churning out profitable trades after trade, day in day out. The only way to stop it is by turning your PC off! The Ultimate Golden Cross Software works on all time frames, and  currency pairs; training material provided, and best part of all, you do not need to have any experience as hands on support is given so you can get the best out of the software from the set go!

Oh….BTW, I forgot to mention. If you struggle to make 147 pips in the first month, this guy will help you and call out the signals…AND… you get an invite to join the secret underground forex lab, where others share their findings when the software is put to work on their trading stations. Everyone discusses the trade call set ups, and majority rules the trading option to go short or long.

Joining and participating in a group like this is not found in many places online and if they are found, you can bet you’re going to need to pay a huge monthly recurring fee to receive signals given by others. This unique piece of software will not be available for long, so jump on board now before the doors close for good! I also nearly forgot to mention, he’s giving away a 23 HR, 103 set of forex training videos too, a retail value $4997.00. You’ll also get Forex Signal Mentor for free too…I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on  properly. :)

I nearly neglected to tell you that the training material is not only done via video screen capture, its also done via an invitation to a webinar for 1-4 hours of every other day for a month. A real world value of $497 per hour. With jobs being lost left and right due to the financial crisis, people are finding it tougher to make head way. During our lifetime, it’s rare we come across opportunities that can help path the way to financial success.

Let me introduce you to Loz Lawn. He’s the owner of Forex Signal Mentor. He’s a Currency (Forex) Trader of 12 years, several years ago he went underground to help a select few make their way into the Foreign Currency Exchange industry, with 1-on-1 coaching that people happily paid $15,997.00 for. Fast forward to today, since August 2009, he’s helped 100’s of people who have had little to no experience  what so ever; people who didn’t even know what forex was.

And he’s helped seasoned traders step up their game with some very powerful techniques with low risk and high reward. Best part of all, he’s giving you UNLIMITED mentoring. When ever you have a question, he’ll be there for you, which is rare these days for someone to take time out to personally coach you 1-on-1, or even as a group.

You can even call him on the phone too. Now who does that these days? You’ll also get a free entry into Loz’s Forex Underground Skype Signal Lab.  Object here is to have all clients to call out trade opportunities and dicuss what was called for a majority to concur a Signal is good to go Long (Buy) or Short (Sell) with. And so much more… Pop over to Loz’s the Ultimate Golden Cross site and check him out, he surely is a rare bread.

This is what Loz Lawn says about his Ultimate Golden Cross Indicator: Ultimate Golden Cross works on any currency pair, and any time frame. However it’s specific use to make the big gains like all the top gun currency traders out there lay within the 30 Min Time Frame up to the Daily Time Frame. If making more than 1,000 pips per month is what you’re after, use the 4HR and Daily Time frame. If used properly, 300-700 pips can be made out of each trade which can last as long as 7 trading days. Please note, this is not an MT4 Expert Advisor, sadly to say these do not do well most of the time. Ultimate Golden Cross is a custom made alert indicator, designed for any currency pair, and time frames preferrably on 30 Min Time Frames or higher.