Commodity Binary Options System GOLD BURST!

Commodity Binary Options System GOLD BURST by Chris Kunnundro provides a fantastic way of trading binary options in under 20 minutes a day at a time that is convenient to you. The trading time this commodity binary options system focuses upon is around 8 AM EST and will literally take only 20 minutes of your time to trade with this system each day! Suppose, it is 8AM EST. Gold futures are trading at a price of suppose $1250 in the underlying market. You are bullish on gold and think that by the end of the day, gold will be trading at a much higher price. You think it can be above $1260 at the end of the day.You remember the recent retracement that gold had made. It had lost almost something like $70 per troy ounce in just 1 day.You think that gold prices have consolidated enough and are on the march again. How to profit from you bullish bias on the gold market? Trade gold binary options!

Gold binary options contracts are priced at 42.5. Each point is worth $1. So, you decide to buy six contracts of gold binary options with a strike price of $1260 and expiry 1:30 PM EST. Your risk if gold price does not close above $1260 per ounce: 6×42.5x$1=$255. You need only this much amount in your binary options trading account plus ofcourse the trading fees to open a position. You keep this position open until expiry at 1:30 PM EST. At expiry, gold price was $1261. Your guess was right! Gold prices were indeed on the march. So, how much you made? You made: 6x(100-42.5)x$1= $345. But this was if you had made the right guess on the direction of the market. If your guess turned out to be wrong and suppose gold price ended at $1255, you lose your investment of $255.  Whatever, in order to make consistent money trading with binary options, you need a proven and tested binary options trading system.

This is what Chris Kunnundro says about his Commodity Binary Options System GOLD BURST: “Our binary option system for gold called BURST is based on trading high probability and high accuracy momentum events. Performance can be seen below at the bottom of this page. Gold Binary Options System Burst offers two systems: System A. and  System B.  we’ve added system B is a bonus for extra potential profitability. You can see the results below. Right now, as of this typing, System A is averaging about $2600 a month and System B is averaging about $1775 a month based on $500 traded positions.  And that’s a combination of $4,375.00 per month cash flow system results. The average of course can change at any time and it is an average results over the current four month system track record we have today. This Gold Binary Options System Burst is a trading system that literally takes under 20 minutes of your attention span per day. Yes a great discovery. And the great thing is that once you learn the system and get a hang of it it’s quite enjoyable to trade!”

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