Forex Trading Scalper By Joseph Taylor Made 738% NET PROFIT!

Forex Trading Scalper made an insane 738% NET PROFIT with virtually no risk. This is going to blow you away. I sure never saw it coming. See… trading the forex market has always been insanely profitable. After all… what other income method allows you to bring you in thousands of dollars from a single trade Certainly none I know of. But let’s face it…there can be a lot of risk involved, too.

Until now. You see… a guy called Joseph Taylor has just released something that’s going to change the Forex world as we know it. He calls it the Forex Trading Scalper… and if you’re in a hurry… you should check it out! So what makes this so special? Here’s a hint… it’s NOT the incredible amount of money this thing can generate.

Sure… if you take a look at the Forex Trading Scalper… you’ll see irrefutable proof of how Joseph uses this thing to turn a crazy 738% profit. But that’s not what made me jump on this opportunity. What’s got me so excited is simple… Forex Trading is one of the lowest-risk FX methods I’ve ever seen. Heck… Joseph’s about as far from a “professional trader” as you can get.

In fact… he freely admits his forex knowledge is limited. But even he manages to use this market-busting tool to crank out winning trades 98% of the time. I almost forgot the best part…This thing is 100% automated. That’s right… it can dump wads of cold, hard cash into your bank account whether you’re relaxing on the beach… fishing with yourkids… or taking a nap. But there’s some bad news, too…

You see… due to reasons Joseph explains on the page… only 500 copies of this revolutionary new software are ever going to be sold.And judging by the waves it’s generating in the market… those copies are going to be gone very, very soon. In fact… I’m going to get my copy right now…and if you want to get your hands on the kinds of profits Forex Trading Scalper creates… I suggest you do the same.


  • Claudia

    August 6, 2010


    Las Cuentas Gestionadas son una de las mejores opciones para ganar dinero en el mercado de divisas (Forex) ya que las administra un profesional.

    Y se puede empezar desde un monto minimo y no hablo de 10.000 sino de menos y en un Broker que esta regulado

    Para mas informacion por favor escribir ir a o escribir a


  • Greg

    August 18, 2010

    I bought this EA and it opened trades but never closed them. I had to close the trades myself. I also emailed them and I got not response as to how to fix the issue. I like to have a M1 Scalper but it must work as a robot.

    • admin

      August 18, 2010

      Hi Greg,

      Sorry, to hear about the Forex Trading Scalper Robot not closing the trades. If the robot is not closing the trades, try to use a large slippage setting. With a small slippage settings when the robot tries to close the trade and the price has moved past the tight slippage setting, the trade will not close and the robot will get a requote error from the broker. So, you need to try a large slippage setting and see if it works.

      Now, there are many ways that a broker will use to deal with a winning robot. One method that was used by the brokers with FAP Turbo, a good robot was to widen the spreads. Another method used by the brokers is give error messages like misquotes or requotes until the robot losses. In case, you are trading with a standard lot, you can get mysterious disconnection while the trade is open. Be prepared to close a trade manually if the lot size is big. So, a good idea is to trade with a small lot. Whatever, this problem of the robot not closing the trade can be due to the broker that you are using. I hope this helps.

      Best Regards