Magic Breakout Forex Trading Strategy-A FREE Forex Strategy That Made 5,400% Gain For One Student in 12 Months!

Magic Breakout Forex Trading Strategy is a professional forex strategy that is being given FREE by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin. Alex Fitz who is a student of Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin developed a unique twist to this strategy and was able to make a huge profit of 5,400% in 1 year. Alex Fitz is Tim and Julie’s best student. He is a millionaire, owns a golf course and several race horses. According to Tim and Julie, Alex F. made his fortune using their trading strategies. When you download this Magic Breakout Strategy PDF, you will discover how a simple tweak to the exit strategy helped Alex Fitz make a whopping 5,400% profit in 1 year. Just follow the link and download the whole Magic Breakout Forex Trading Strategy 14 page PDF FREE just now! The following screenshot shows this strategy in action trading GBP/USD on M30 timeframe!

Magic Breakout Forex Strategy

Stay in the trend as long as possible by moving your stop loss as shown in the following screenshot. This strategy will tell you when to move the stop loss.

Magic Breakout Forex Strategy

How To Trade Binary Options With The Magic Breakout Strategy?

You can use this strategy to trade binary options alongside forex as well. Breakouts also work very well with binary options. This is a safe and low risk strategy that is designed to filter out false breakouts. Once a breakout is confirmed, price action is guaranteed to move in one particular direction depending on the direction of the breakout. The following screenshot shows a breakout taking place on the GBP/USD 5 minute timeframe according to the rules of this strategy.

Magic Breakout Forex Strategy

As you can see the breakout in the up direction is confirmed by this strategy. So what you can do is open a long trade on the MT4 platform plus buy a call option with an expiry of 1 hour on your binary options broker platform. The binary options trade is set and forget. Once you enter it, you don’t need to do anything. If you have followed the rules of this strategy correctly,  after one hour you will be making 70-80% return on your investment.  So you can use this breakout strategy on the M5 timeframe to do both scalping as well as binary options trading. Now you can trade these breakouts on the M15, M30, H1 and H4 timeframe as well. When trading on M30 and H1 timeframe, choose the binary options with expiry of 24 hours and when trading H4 timeframe, choose the binary options with expiry of 1 week.

Who doesn’t harbor the thoughts of reaping massive profits from  a big price move in just a short period of time! This is exactly why professional traders love to trade breakouts!  Want a FREE Forex Strategy that gives you the exact details of trading breakouts? Everything about trading breakouts is explained in detail. Still don’t know what is a breakout? Well, a breakout happens when the price action breaks out of a tight range and breaks a significant high with a new high or a significant low with a new low!

Tim Trush  is successful self-educated trader. He started his trading career as a small investor and system developer for various brokerage companies. After three years of trading as a short-term investor he has found that the key of success is strategy and discipline. “Strategy without action is a day-dream, action without strategy is a nightmare.”, he often said. He mastered the market and turned a few thousand dollars into millions in three years and then he decided to quit his job. Although he loved his job, freedom was his dream. Now he lives on British Virgin Islands and trades from his yacht using a laptop with satellite Internet connection.

Julie Lavrin is a journalist and psychologist. She focused on financial news for ten years and she was interested in the markets and mass psychology. She discovered some methods for entering the market just before the crowd and making money consistently. She also explained why losing traders fail, how they behave when trading with real money and how to prevent this. This way she mastered the markets and became a successful trader. She met Tim at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. They exchanged their ideas and worked together to put their similar trading style into mechanical rules.

Tim and Julie showed their secret trading strategy to a small group of traders at Las Vegas. They found their secret trading strategy to be very interesting. This is what Tim and Julie say about their secret trading strategy: ” We decided to reveal all the secret to the world. With help from our students, we clearly explained our mechanical strategy that everyone could learn in no time! Our best student Alex F. is a millionaire. He owns a golf course and great race horses. He made his fortune by trading our strategies in the Forex market.”

Now, you can well imagine how much profitable trading breakouts can be! Trading breakouts can make you hundreds of pips in a very short span of time. But most of the time, you will get caught in false breakouts that happen more frequently than true breakouts. New traders happily trade a false breakout as if it was a true breakout and soon get their fingers burnt by the market. Make no mistake, trading breakouts can be highly lucrative if done correctly! It is always better to first assume every breakout as false. So how do you know this a good breakout and not a bad breakout for you? Stock traders and futures traders use volume data to identify a breakout. But no volume data is available in the forex market. What you need is a number of guidelines that can position yourself for a good breakout!

You need to incorporate many factors including technical and fundamental analysis to get a better feel of the currency market sentiment in order to trade breakouts with a higher probability of success. Trading true breakouts is highly profitable whereas trading a false breakout can turn into losses very quickly. In breakout trading, the trick lies in identifying a true breakout from a false breakout. How to distinguish a true breakout from a false breakout? Well, Julie Lavrin can help you in this regard. Julie has found a tricky way to distinguish between good breakouts and false breakouts. Moreover, her eyes see a breakout before it happens! Julie is willing to share that trick with you FREE in the Magic Breakout Forex Trading Strategy eBook!


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    narrow the odds of losing by trading with trend when fundamentals agree with your trade direction stay with that trend as long as fundamentals support your trade direction and a positive swap paid in that direction. sign up for an alert service that will alert you to that trend change fundamentally and technically.

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