Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator By Don Steinitz

Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator is a money making machine! A Forex indicator is a piece of software you apply to your Forex trading platform. This indicator watches what the market is doing in real time and generates signals to place a trade. The indicator is only half of this equation. The other half is you! When a signal is generated you do a quick check to verify it is a valid signal and then either place your trade or wait for a different signal. Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator system teaches you how to validate these signals and enter the market at exactly the right time. It’s very simple and anyone can do it.

The theory behind this indicator is based on evaluating the strength of a particular trend and calculating the best time to enter the market based on retracements. Once a retracement is observed it then waits for a fractal set up. As soon as everything is in sync the Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator gives you an arrow and a pop up alert with audio telling you exactly when and where to enter the market. As mentioned before it can also be configured to send you an Email when a signal is generated. That means alerts on your phone so you don’t have to sit in front of your PC all day!

The combination of a good Forex indicator and your human brain is 100x more powerful than any robot could ever be. Best of all this indicator can safely double your account balance in about 2 weeks! Wow! I thought it was a joke at first. But then I saw that they are posting actual live account results on their website. I’ve been running it for about three weeks and I couldn’t be happier. With the Indicator I have been able to make over $2200 in profit after starting out with just $800! Last week it found a huge trade setup that was worth over $1500.

Meet Don Steinitz, the developer of this indicator. This is what he has to say: “My name is Don Steinitz.  I worked as a CPA for around 25 years. Towards the end of my career I became sick and tired of having to go into work and sit there for 8 hours a day. I wanted to be able to stay at home, work for myself, and set my own pace. One day a friend turned me onto the Forex market when we were talking about retirement plans. After trading the Forex markets manually for some time I became interested in Forex robots (or Expert Advisors). I never had much luck with any Expert Advisor but the idea that trading could be made easier stuck with me.

I found some indicator systems online and had much better success trading with those than ever before. However these systems were free and proved to be unreliable and disorganized. That’s when I began working on my own system. Being a CPA I am great with numbers. If there is one thing I can do is crunch a lot of data quickly and do complex math problems. Using my skills with math I developed a highly profitable manual system. After about a year of trading my manual system very successfully I decided to make it into an indicator. 

I took several MQL4 classes online and began coding my indicator with the help of an amazing MQL4 programmer named Robert. The rest is history! Since then we have developed several successful Forex Robots and indicators which have gone on to make millions of dollars for our customers world wide. However none can match the reliability of our Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator. Just look at this screenshot from the Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator showing a huge trade setup. This single trade below was worth over $3,000!”

You also get two FREE GIFTs from Don Steinitz when you purchase his Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator. Your first free gift is a custom indicator designed for Metatrader 4 called “Currency Analysis”. You simply attach it to your chart and all the pertinent information about the currency pair is displayed in real time. The indicator dynamically updates the information without having to refresh your chart. You’ll be able to see the price (4 or 5 decimals), high, low, spread and countdown timer (for that charts timeframe). A very convenient indicator and easy to use!

Your second free gift which is a custom indicator designed for Metatrader 4 called “TDSequential for Forex”. A tool for identifying the ends of trends, TD Sequential is designed specifically to predict potential price exhaustion and likely price reversals. This methodology is designed to become progressively less bearish as price declines and, conversely, less bullish as price advances, contradicting the behavior of most trend-following traders. When you visit the Forex Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator site, don’t forget to download your FREE Trading Tool and the FREE Report that shows how to select the right broker!


  • Bill

    May 7, 2012

    FX younas
    You sound skeptical well the funny thing is many systems do work its the money management and the emotional factor that does not. So my suggestion is trade any Given system you trust is real with Micros and slowly increase lot size only after you have been successful several months.
    You can have the best indicator in the world if you do not master these other factors you will lose all your money.

  • Angus

    June 11, 2012

    ppl sell systems for 3 reasons.

    1. they are marketers looking to make money off the back of others, a few of these systems work, many dont, it is hit and miss and not many short cuts, just research as much as possible before you buy ie.forexpeacearmy.

    2. many professional traders have lots of time on their hands and like to help newbie or intermediate traders, as it increases their friends and contacts and they feel good about helping others (why not good for every one)

    3. is Pro traders that sells their trading system to increase their bank roll, they know their system works and by selling it this increases their own bank roll and we all know we only trade with 5% less of our bank roll, so it helps the seller and helps the buyer.

    Yes there is a lot of rubbish for sale on the net, best thing is research out ”review xyz on google” and if its a scam it will normally come up as so, other wise ask around who are the trusted professional traders names and track them down and buy a system off them to get you going and then upgrade as time goes by.

    Good Luck & always look on the bright side of life!