Fish Forex Robot By Rita Lasker

Fish Forex Robot, a brand new Forex trading Robot just went LIVE by Rita Lasker. This one looks different from other EA – the main principle is Stability, No*Risk trades. I already got my own copy and did some back tests – all the chats, stats and screen shots on the index page looks real! The website claims: “3-4K monthly STABLE income made by Fish Forex Robot vs vague promises of fortune-making strategies. Do you want a stable income of 3-4K per month or do you want to fall victim to the get rich quick hype. Make your choice wisely”.

Fish Forex Robot doesn’t look just like another marketing hype… let’s see how well it will perform for us!  There are plenty of trading robots on the market and their developers promise up to $50K or even $100K profit a month. More often than not, these are nothing more than promises. Even if a robot is technically capable of making such profits, they involve huge risks or significant capital investment. But the trading robot software do their best to conceal this important piece of information from you.

This Robot was designed with professional Forex brokers in mind, but can be used by complete novices as well. Install the robot in only five minutes and begin making up to $3,000–$4,000 in profit monthly. Spend no more than 5 to 7 minutes a day monitoring the robot at work.
You don’t need any special knowledge or experience—the robot will take care of all the nuances for you. Fish Forex Robot won’t make your profits skyrocket. And Rita Lasker is very honest about this. She and her developers spent months of hard work developing, optimizing, and testing Fish Forex Robot. When testing the robot, Rita used real accounts, instead of just demo accounts, as many other developers out there do. Now they are ready to say with certainty that their product isn’t just good. It’s great. Start your Fishing NOW!

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