The Ability To Pilot Economies By Central Banks Is In Doubt

Central banks are meeting more often now. But many experts now question the ability of central banks to pilot their economies. FED is being blamed by many experts for giving birth to past financial crisis. For example Alan Greenspan let the real estate bubble grow. He didn’t do anything to burst it. Bursting the real…

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It Is Time To Get Out Of US Stocks Says Chairman Of Templeton Asset Management

Is it time to get out of US stocks? This is what Mark Mobius the chairman of Templeton Asset Management. He thinks that the US economic recovery is still at a nascent stage putting US stocks at risk. Investors should rotate out of the U.S. markets into better-performing emerging markets, says veteran investor Mark Mobius,…

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FED Looking Towards The Wall Street For Warning On Next Financial Crisis

The stock market crash of 2008 was big. But it didn’t come in one day. The crisis was there for all to see like a writing on the wall. First the US housing market tanked. When the real estate prices tumbled, people stopped paying their mortgages and went for foreclosures. Many simply ignored the writing…

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