Tradeonix FX Market Code System FREE 24 Page PDF Plus Custom Indicators

In the last few posts we have been discussing machine learning and artificial intelligence and how to use these machine learning algorithms in developing our automated trading system. If you haven’t read the previous posts you can read the post on how to develop an automated trading system using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It will take a few more posts before we are finally able to fully explain the automated trading system. In the meantime an important launch has started and we wanted to share it with you. Russ Horn is a well known professional forex trader. He is launching his new product named Tradeonix. As a pre-launch sequence he is giving away his FX Market Code System 24 page PDF that explains the system plus custom indicators and the template FREE.


Once you download the 24 page PDF, go through it. FX Market Code System has been explained by Russ Horn in easy terms. Once you have go through the PDF, you should install the template and the custom indicators. Russ Horn has provided an auto installer that will install the template and the custom indicators.

FX Market Code is basically a trend trading system. The problem is most traders don’t know how to harness a trend. This system tracks the momentum of the trend and uses a sneaky trick to choose one of the strongest trade entry signal. Price does not move in a straight line. Price goes up then it goes down. This makes inexperienced traders nervous. In a strong uptrend when the price goes down then get nervous and think that the trend is getting weak and is about to reverse. Russ Horn is going to show you how to trade the trend with momentum on your side. Go through the PDF, Russ Horn shows you how to first determine the direction of the trend and then choose the best entry in the direction of the trend. Don’t think that this is a free system and it may not be that good. The best idea is to download this system and install it on your demo account. Make a few trades with it on the demo account and check how the trade goes.

In the next few days he is going to give away more stuff FREE. You can also win a copy of Tradeonix System FREE by leaving a comment about what you liked about the FX Market Code System. If your comment is selected as the best comment by Russ Horn, you will get a copy of his Tradeonix System gratis. So don’t miss the chance to leave a comment.

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