How To Make More Money Than God- Hedge Funds And Making Of New Elite

How To Make More Money Than God- Hedge Funds And Making Of A New Elite is a book that throws light on the secret world of hedge fund managers. “More Money Than God” is primarily a narrative history, but it also delves frequently into some of the more esoteric theories behind hedge-fund investment strategies and their place in the financial world. If the book has a big idea, it is that hedge funds are an overall boon to Wall Street.

A few years ago, hedge funds were being accused of bringing the financial crisis of 2008. There was a lot of negative publicity about hedge funds and how fickle minded hedge fund managers were when the market turned against them.  This book was written in 2010 which is not far ago. So you can read this book and understand how these fund managers live and think. We retail traders are always getting pummeled by these big boys in the market. As a retail trader it will be a good idea to read this book as this will give you an idea of how these people think and trade. Below is a short snapshot of the chapters that you get to read when you open the book:

Ch 1 Big Daddy: A. W. Jones, Hedge fund
Ch 2 The Block Trader: Michael Steinhardt, Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co., Block trade, Monetary policy
Ch 3 Paul Samuelson’s Secret: Commodities Corporation, Paul Samuelson, Bruce Kovner (Caxton Corporation), Trend trading, Automated trading system
Ch 4 The Alchemist: George Soros, Quantum Fund, Reflexivity, Jim Rogers
Ch 5 Top Cat: Julian Robertson, Tiger Management
Ch 6 Rock-and-Roll Cowboy: Paul Tudor Jones II
Ch 7 White Wednesday: Black Wednesday, Stanley Druckenmiller & George Sorros
Ch 8 Hurricane Greenspan: Shadow banking system, Bond market crisis of 1994, Stanley Druckenmiller & George Sorros
Ch 9 Soros vs Soros: 1997 Asian financial crisis, 1998 Russian financial crisis, Stanley Druckenmiller & George Sorros
Ch 10 The Enemy Is Us: Long-Term Capital Management, John Meriwether
Ch 11 The Dot-Com Double: Dot-com bubble, Tiger Management & Quantum Fund
Ch 12 The Yale Men: David Swensen, Tom Steyer, Event-driven investing
Ch 13 The Code Breakers: Renaissance Technologies, James Simons, David E. Shaw
Ch 14 Premonitions of a Crisis: Amaranth Advisors, Brian Hunter
Ch 15 Riding the Storm: John Paulson, Subprime mortgage crisis
Ch 16 “How Could They Do This”: Financial crisis (2007–present)

You can watch the video below in which the author talks about his book!

This is another good video in which the author speaks about his book and the hedge fund industry!


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