This Is A Golden Opportunity To Buy Apple Shares AAPL

Apple shares AAPL fell this week in after hour trading shocking many investors. It was unexpected. Apple had reported a strong quarter. But still AAPL share prices fell. Some called it silly. Why? Because Apple is still the most successful corporation in USA with a huge pile of cash with it. The initial response to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) earnings release was not good. Shares promptly tanked by 9% immediately following the report, erasing $66.5 billion from the Mac maker’s market cap in a matter of minutes. Shares recovered modestly after Tim Cook and company had some time to explain the figures. The initial negative reaction was a function of several factors.

Now don’t worry much. This dip in the market is a golden opportunity for you to buy AAPL share. Why? Because Apple is going strong. What would you say if I told you about a company that had increased quarterly sales by 33% and earnings by 38%, while widening its profit margin, reducing its share count through buybacks and building up a record cash hoard of over $200 billion?

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