Can Alibaba Jack Ma Start The Next American Gold Rush?

Alibaba went public last year and became the biggest IPO in history when it raised $25 Billion. Can Jack Ma the CEO and Chairman of Alibaba make history again and spark the next American gold rush? Remember the California Gold Rush that started in middle of the nineteen century. Thousands of people rushed to California then a wilderness in the hope of striking it rich. Many came back paupers but few did make it big.

This time, it is not California where the gold lies but China. China middle class is now bigger than the US population and is eager for buying American products.

“Made in China” was practically the catchphrase of the 1990s.

Shops overflowed with Chinese-made products, from clothing to Christmas toys to lightbulbs and sports equipment, all snapped up by America’s middle class. China, for better or worse, was “the workshop of the world,” and the U.S. its voracious consumer.

In short order, that tide is reversing.

Just check your iPhone, it has this written, ” Designed in California and Made in China”. In the last 2 decades, it was the American consumers who had been buying Made in China products and financing the Chinese companies. Now Jack Ma claims that the reverse is going to happen. Chinese consumers are going to finance American companies. Watch the video below and listen what he has to say

World War III is coming, but it will be a good thing, according to one of Asia’s richest men.

Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, said Tuesday that the Internet and its various platforms will usher in a wave of global conflict. It will not, however, pit countries against each other, but instead will see the likes of China and the U.S. teaming up to defeat societal ills.

Jack Ma has got big plans. He started Alibaba e-commerce site from a single room by borrowing around $70K from bis friends and relatives. In less than a decade, he had made Alibaba one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. Alibaba made IPO history as said above and if Alibaba can connect American small businesses with Chinese consumers, it is another history making thing.

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