Understanding Options A FREE Options Trading eBook By John Carter

John Carter is a master options trader. Trust me options trading is not easy. When you will try to trade options without proper training you are surely going to burn your fingers. Don’t blame the markets! Blame yourself. It’s just like you don’t know swimming and you try to jump in the deep side of the pool. Don’t do that. Mot traders try to jump and test the waters without any preparation or training. It is always a good idea to spend the first few months educating and training yourself especially if you have really decided to trade options.  If you want to master options trading, you should download this FREE Options Trading eBook by John Carter.

FREE Options Trading eBook

First understand options basics and learn what are the options greeks. Then it will be a good idea to first paper trade and learn how to manage a position. Managing an open position is very important and if you do it wrong you end up losing. So download this eBook and go through it. You should also watch this 33 minutes youtube video in which John Carter explains his Rules of Trading.