This Options Trader Started With $10K And Now Trades $300 Million

Karen is a real options trader who started with just $10K and now is trading $300 million. Karen says that she is often wrong but she still makes money. As an options trader Karen waits for the pullbacks and focuses on portfolio allocation. Watch her interview below in which she talks about options trading strategy. Karen went from a day job as a CFO to a full time options trader. In 2007, she started with just $10K. By 2011, she had turned that $10K into $41 million.

Karen trades daily.

In this interview she talks about how she made $50 million in 2013. 2013 was a challenging year. But Karen was still able to make $50 million profit on $196 million.

Watching these videos will help you understand how a real options trader trades her portfolio. Now keep this in mind, Karen was not new to the world of finance. She has been working as a CFO before switching over as a full time options trader. She has multiple degrees. Can you replicate her feat as an options trader?