This Stock Could Bring You Monster Profits

If you are looking for a good stock to invest in then read on as this stock could bring you monster profits. As a value investor, you should invest in a company long term. Monster Beverage is giving mixed signals. The short term chart shows the complex head and shoulder pattern. This head and shoulder pattern means a break to the downside. A downside break can give a better price.

According to Ross, the there’s one technical pattern that spells trouble for Monster—a complex head-and-shoulders, or a distributive-pattern comprising two smaller head and shoulders. “When we zoom out you can see while we’re clinging to key support at the neckline of that pattern.”

Ross advised that better support could be held at the stock’s 150-week moving average, around $59 to $60 per share. “I would not own it right in here I don’t like the stock.”

Erin Gibbs of S&P Capital IQ, on the other hand, believes that Monster, despite being a consumer staple, is a growth company. “Long-term this company looks very good and is trading at relatively attractive evaluations. There’s also been a lot of scrutiny on these energy drinks that has really died down, the costs have gone down, the scrutiny has gone down. I see the worst case being maybe just a label being placed on their beverages. And they’ve had good growth going into international markets.”