AAPL Apple Stock Price Signaling A Big Upside Move Is Coming

AAPL is the ticker for Apple. Apple is poised to release it’s iPhone 6 soon. iPhone 6 features a new screen made of sapphire. Apple share of the global smartphone market has fallen to just 11.7% in the last quarter.  It is expected that the new iPhone 6 will be a big hit and Apple share of the global smartphone market is going to increase against Android smartphones. You can read more about iPhone 6 and the new features that it is introducing.

StockTwits Chairman Howard Lindzon, who is long Apple stock argues that what matters is that the company’s “products are great, the stores are great, and new products are coming.”  He tells Yahoo Finance that Apple’s current stock price reflects “a big move” that is about to happen, which Lindzon believes is to the upside. He predicts Apple could become the first $1 trillion company, barring any major market crash. One possible catalyst for that big move to the upside, in Lindzon’s view, is a new product that makes a splash, whether it’s the iPhone 6 or “some new product around our cable box.”

So if you are a stock trader, you should closely watch the iPhone 6 watch and be prepared for the AAPL breakout to the upside. Apple stocks are already more than 20% up since the start of this year. If iPhone 6 hits big with the global market and Apple’s share of the global smartphone market increase drastically against Android, you should expect AAPL massive breakout to the upside. Good Luck!