Calender Spreads Options Trading Strategy By Doc Severson!

You must watch this video by Doc Severson in which he explains his Calender Spreads Options Trading Strategy in a FREE Video-“Calendar Spreads are NOT Rigged Against You… Here’s How to Trade Them Successfully.

Calender Spreads

This Calender Spreads Strategy is designed to pull in profits every 3-5 days. After watching this FREE video, you can attend a Live Workshop on Calender Spreads by Doc Severson. This is what you learn:

1-What are Calender Spreads?

2-What Are The Edges?

3-Setting Up The Offence

4-Managing and Adjusting the Position

5-Exiting The Position

6-What Are The Typical “Gotchas” With This Strategy?

7-Creating A Repeatable System

8-Trade Examples

9-Journaling and Refining The Strategy

Doc Severson is the man when it  comes to trading options. He was a corporate guy who got fedup with the rat race and the 9-5 rountine. He started trading options in the night. For a few years he had to struggle hard. But today he is one of the top options traders in US. You can learn a lot from him on how to trade options. Calender Spreads are what is working now and he is going to teach you everything he knows about Calender Spreads.