Forex MegaLiner Robot Made 1034 Pips In 1 Month Trading EUR/USD & EUR/GBP!

Forex MegaLiner Robot has been developed b Anna Forex Monti. Forex MegaLiner Robot trades EUR/USD and EUR/GBP pairs on M30 timeframe. It made 1034 pips in 1 month. Watch the video below that shows how to install Forex MegaLiner Robot.


Forex MegaLiner Robot has been coded with the Moving Channel Breakout Strategy. When you install the EA, you will see two yellow lines that give the limit of the price channel. When the price reaches the upper yellow line, a sell limit order will be activated by the robot and when the price reaches the lower yellow line, a buy limit order will get activated. Each of these limit orders will have a fixed take profit and stop loss targets.

Forex MegaLiner Robot

As you can see in the above screenshot the robot shows the 2 yellow lines and when the buy/sell limit orders get activated, you can view them in the order window. Now when a limit order gets executed, the robot keeps track of the trade and tries to move the stop loss to breakeven as soon as it gets the chance. This way the profits are maximized and you stay in the trade as long as possible. You can download this Forex MegaLiner Robot and test it on the demo account for 2 months RISK FREE.