Broker Arbitrage Software Turned $3,780 Into $239,485.50 In 3 Months!

You must have heard about Broker Arbitrage? Broker Arbitrage means taking advantage of the different spreads being charged by two brokers. If you can take advantage of this broker arbitrage, you can make RISK FREE profits. Mark Reid claims that he has finally developed a successful Broker Arbitrage software. He has provided 3rd party verified proof of his trading account. He was able to turn a deposit of $3,780 into $239,485.50 in 3 short months. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Broker Arbitrage

You must watch the video made by Mark Reid in which he shows arbitrage trading on his $50K account. Don’t get panicked to see $2K negative trades for short times. This happens when you open the trade. The trade is negative for a short time. This translates into a risk of 4-5%. But Mark Reid has developed a risk management strategy that distributes the risk across multiple pairs. So the risk is much lower and you have a very little probability of losing all the trades.

Now Mark Reid is giving full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If during these 60 days you don’t make money with this software on demo account or the live account, you get a refund. Mark Reid is also giving 365 days of money back guarantee. If you don’t make money in 365 days, you get a full refund plus $100 from Mark.