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We have been watching Tom’s EA for many years now. Tom’s EA has been giving consistent, steady and a stable performance over the years. It turned $10K into $39K in less than 2 years. Dustin Pass is the person behind this EA. He is well know forex trader who became a millionaire before he was even 29. He started an an auto mechanic. He learned forex trading and became a master news trader. Dustin Pass is giving Tom’s EA FREE to anyone interested in testing it for a trial period. You can download it. It will be fully functional for the trial period.

Tom's EA

These are bad times for most hedge funds. Markets have become too volatile. It is becoming difficult to outperform the market. However, Tom’s EA is the automated software that’s absolutely shocked the investment world. In less than two years, it grew $10,000 into $39,000 on autopilot! During the same time period, $10,000 invested in a buy-and-hold portfolio of the S&P 500 increased to $13,624 producing a gain of only 36.2%. That means that Tom’s EA has outperformed the buy-and-hold portfolio of S&P 500 stocks 8 times over! Download Tom’s EA for FREE, and use it on your demo (or even a live) account. Dustin Pass is a trusted name in the forex trading community. He became a millionaire at an early age as said above and the products developed by him are always cutting edge and proven and tested. Clay is a LONG TIME CLIENT, and this is his personal MyFxBook. It clearly shows the profits he achieved following the guidelines given to Tom’s EA users.