Forex CowBot EA Is The First Organic Robot

Forex CowBot EA has been recently launched by Rita Lasker. According to Rita Lasker, Forex CowBot EA is the world’s first organic forex robot. Forex CowBot EA has been developed to trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY pairs on H4 timeframe and it incorporates 4 new revolutionary auto trading technologies. These 4 new auto trading technologies are:

1. Ultra Stealth Guard Profit System-This system guards your profits and secures the profit by extra trailing so that you capture each pip in the trend. This system also carefully watches and handles the stop loss.

2. Price Smart Corridor Analyzing Algorithm-This algorithm identifies the trend and uses the support and resistance on the different timeframes to find the actual price corridor.

3. Weekend Gap One Click Control-Friday is usually the day when bad economic news gets released to the press. The theory is that people will forget the bad news during the weekend. With this system, you decide whether you want to keep the trade open during the weekend or not.

4. Less Risky H4 Trading-News impact is one of the greatest fears of traders. There is no knowing how the market will react to the news. If you are trading on the smaller timeframe, the impact of news is high. However on H4 timeframe the impact of news is not that much and you can trade with less risk. This robot trades on H4 timeframe which makes the impact of news less for it.

From 24th Feb 2014 to 21st March 2014, this robot made a record profit of $9,572.60 trading EUR/USD and USD/JPY on H4 timeframe.

Forex CowBot EA