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A few weeks back the world’s biggest Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox vanished. For around 2 days Mt. Gox website was not available making the investor highly anxious and worried. However soon Mt. Gox applied for bankruptcy and is now cooperating with the police to help recover around 650K stolen bitcoins. It has been facing a massive DDoS attack by the hackers that led the website to vanish. You can read more about the Mt. Gox in this WSJ article! Mt. Gox episode shows that this new emerging online currency can handle bankruptcy and other stuff which is a good sign for the investors. Many questions were raised about the future of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is trading about 55% below its record high and Its biggest exchange is now bankrupt following a multimillion-dollar loss. Does the popular virtual currency have a future? Marc Andreessen one of the internet poineers and the founder of Netscape is planning to bet big on Bitcoins. Read this Yahoo Finance Article.

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