Doc Brown’s Trading University FREE Course-How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market

Nicholas Darvas is considered to be one of the trading legends. He was a professional ballet dancer. But he was an amateur stock trader as well. Doc Brown’s Trading University FREE Course in Stock Trading reveals the true story of Nicholas Darvas and a detailed analysis of his Box Method that made him $2,000, 000 in the stock market. His story was featured as a cover story in the Time Magazine.

FREE Course in Stock Trading

Dr. Scott Brown is a finance professor and he has developed this FREE Course in Stock Trading. These type of courses are not taught in the ivy league universities. If you enroll in the finance program of any top class university in the world, you will only be taught the Capital Asset Pricing Model also popularly know as the CAPM. You will be taught in detail how to build your investment portfolio using this Capital Asset Pricing Model. But let me tell you this Capital Asset Pricing Model is not used by professional traders.

This is the true story of an amateur stock trader. Nicholas Darvas had majored in economics from the prestigious University of Budapest though before coming to the US but he was a novice when it came to stock trading. Nicholas Darvas was a professional ballet dancer who would perform in the major cities in US and Europe and across the world. Most of the time, he would be away on his dancing tours. But in the night he would sit and study the stock charts. This was early 1950s. There was no internet then. It has not been even invented then. Nicholas Darvas would telephone his broker when he wanted to open a trade or close it. Once he had to telephone his broker from Nepal where he had gone on a dancing tour. This is an incredible story. Nicholas Darvas developed his own Box Trading Method. He used his Box Trading Method to make $2,000,000 in the stock market. You must take this FREE Course in Stock Trading by Dr. Scott Brown and be amazed how one amateur stock trader beat the market consistently and thoroughly with his Box Trading Method.