Forex Trend Breakout System Plus Forex Swing System FREE Download

You can download these 2 forex systems FREE. First is a Forex Trend Breakout System that details a very simple system for trading on daily timeframe. At the end of the day, you look for on particular bar pattern. When you spot that specific pattern, you place a pending entry order with a stop loss. Take profit is also fixed. Next day either the pending order will be triggered and you will enter into a trade with that stop loss hit during the day or the pending order will not be triggered. So once you place your pending order, you don’t need to do anything. Next day same time, open the chart and check whether your pending order was hit or not. If it is not hit, you can cancel it.Forex Trend Breakout SystemThe second system is a Forex Swing System that also works on the daily timeframe. You should download this PDF FREE and go through the Forex Trend Breakout System and the Forex Swing System. Once you have got the hang of the system, you can first practice it on the demo account. Forex Trend Breakout System is a very simple set and forget system that you can use if you have a day job and you can’t day trade. Just open the daily chart at the end of the day and look for the specific pattern. When you spot that pattern, place the pending order with the stop loss and you are done. You don’t need to monitor the trade. Next day at the same time, open the daily chart and see if you find this pattern again or not. In order to increase your trading signals, you can add 4-6 pairs to your list and check their daily chart end of day every day. This way you can make a good many pips every month.