Set And Forget Forex Signals-Quitting Time FX Signals And Couch Potato FX Signals!

These Set and Forget Forex Signals are issued daily at the same time. There are two types of Set and Forget Forex Signals issued:

1. Quitting Time FX Signals

Quitting Time FX Signals

2. Couch Potato FX Signals

.Quitting Time FX Signals

As you can see from the above screenshots, Set and Forget Forex Signals can make 200-300 pips for you. Quitting Time FX Signals are issued at 5:30 PM EST on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are no signals on Friday. Couch Potato FX Signals are issued at 8:30 PM EST for all weekdays except Friday. Both these signals trade GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF.

.Quitting Time FX Signals

The Set and Forget Forex Signals team does not recommend a trade copier. Instead what they have done is develop a new tool that they have named Forex Trading Steward. This Forex Trading Steward is a trade placement and money management EA. This EA will help you enter the orders much faster and close open pending orders at the time that you specify plus calculate the proper lot sizing for you. Using this tool will make trading easier for you.

Now this is what you should do. First test these Set and Forget Forex Signals on the demo account for one month. Check the performance and once you have thoroughly tested these signals, you should only then decide to trade live with them.

.Quitting Time FX Signals