BTC Robot The First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot!

Watch this BTC Robot The First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot video that shows it making a profit of $34,175. The FAPTurbo team has done it again. Steve Carletti and his team will be launching the world’s first 100% automated bitcoin trading robot in the next few days.

Bitcoin Trading Robot

Now when it comes to quality, FAPTurbo team has got top notch reputation regarding their products. Their famous FAPTurbo is still going strong. Forex Striker is doing well. Zcode System their sports betting software is going strong and getting very good reviews. But  this is totally different. They have delved into something that is totally new and revolutionary; Bitcoins.

Don’t know what Bitcoins are? You can read this Wikipedia article on what is a Bitcoin. But I  would suggest you wait for FAPTurbo team first video that will become available on 8th August. In this video, they will introduce you to Bitcoins with lots of facts and trivia. Plus there will be a 2nd video available on the site. This is a really good video from Bloomberg TV explaining the media hype and to cover the commercial angle.. how companies are gathering venture capital to start into the bitcoin market. So after watching these two videos you will have a pretty good idea about what is a bitcoin and how you can profit from it.

On 9th August, the second day of the BTC Robot launch, FAPTurbo team senior programmer Yegor will explain in video the concept of “Human Greed.. how the Bitcoin Robot utilizes it to make money in a transparent but logical way.. This Bitcoin Robot can make something like 20-100% ROI per month. This second video will also explain the principles of trading and why the robot is limited in copies once finished developing…

On 10th August, you get another video from the FAPTurbo team. 2nd Programmer incharge of the BTC Robot project, DImitry Khulesow explains in detail in this video how the robot was designed to be sustainable long term, its profit potential, deposit minimums and limits and much more..this will be a 30 minute long video. So lot’s of content hear that you should not be missing. Plus you will also get the opportunity to download a valuable E-book about bitcoin(not junk, this E-book will be sold on amazon afterwards)… 33 pages with tips info and some manual trading strategies for Bitcoins! (High quality not some quickly assembled trash!) Nicely designed with some concrete earning methods and tipps! Don’t miss this BTC Robot. It will be available in the next few days!