Instant Options Income FREE Blueprint By Bill Poulos!

Bill Poulos has recently released his Instant Options Income Blueprint. You can download this Instant Options Income Blueprint FREE. He has also made a 30 minutes Instant Options Income FREE presentation in which he explains an unusual way to trade options. He shows you in his blueprint how you can trade weekly options to make upto 2% return per week or upto 8% return per month or make upto 104% annual return. In this FREE presentation, Bill Poulos also shows how you can create this instant options income in your IRA.

Instant Options Income

This is the first part of the 3 part video series. The first video presentation explains the Credit Spread Strategy being used by Bill Poulos to make upto 2% return every week and it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes per week to trade this Credit Spread Strategy. In the next few days, Bill Poulos is going to be releasing his Options Optimizer Method and after that he will release his video that shows the Instant Options in Action.

So stay tuned for the next 2 videos plus 2 more bonus videos that will be released by Bill. He will also be giving a Scholarship Giveaway. You can take part in this scholarship giveaway and get the Instant Options Income service FREE. There will also be a Live Q&A Session also by Bill in which you can ask your questions about this Instant Options Income.