The Stock Playbook-A Nightly Peak Over A Hedge Fund Manager’s Shoulder!

The Stock Playbook is a video series by Dave Dispennette. The Stock Playbook video series recaps what the market did and forecasts where the market is going plus you also learn a way to play with it. Now those investors and traders who understand how the stock market game gets played have a more money making potential then the large fund managers. Why? Because you have got the flexibility to get in and out of the market like a speedboat. While the large fund managers who manage huge funds comprising millions of dollar simply don’t have that flexibility with them. Just compare the speedboat with the Titanic and you will understand who can survive the icebergs more. In the Stock Playbook, Dave Dispennette will teach you how to play this stock market game and win.

The Stock Playbook

So when you subscribe to the Stock Playbook, everynight you will get a video from Dave Dispennette will recap of the current market condition plus he will also show you what he is investing both short term as well as long term.  He will tell you which stocks are getting institutional support and which stocks are ready to breakout from the trading ranges.  Dave Dispennette uses both fundamental and technical analysis to explain his viewpoint of the market. So watching these Stock Playbook videos each night will give you a fair idea of what is happening in the stock market, what stocks are starting to get the attention of the big fund managers plus you will be able to watch over Dave’s shoulders as he analyzes individual ideas each night.