The Problem Of HFTs eBook By Haim Bodek!

Read this eBook by Haim Bodek titled, “The Problem of HFTs“. Haim Bodek is considered to be a foremost expert in High Frequency Trading or what is also known as Algorithmic Trading. In The Problem of HFTs, he tells all. In recent years markets have been taken over by HFT Firms. HFT means high frequency trading. Remember the flash crash that took place a few days back. The cause was a fake twitter feed. You can read this Busineeweek article: How Many HFT Firms Actually Use Twitter ToTrade? The recent flash crash has once again sparked new criticism of high frequency trading. In the currency market as well, high frequency trading is taking over.

The Problem Of HFTs

If you are a stock trader or a currency trading and you are not aware of how this HFT Firms operate, then you are not protecting yourself from these sharks. In the Problem of HFTs: High Frequency Trading & Stock Market Reform, Haim Bodek shares his insider knowledge on the dangers of high frequency trading. He also teaches traders how they can protect their own orders. The price is just $10. Discover who really controls these HFTs and how you can protect your orders from HFT trading. You might be wondering how is this Haim Bodek? Haim Bodek worked at the high-risk trading desk of Goldman Sachs before becoming Head of Electronic Volatility Trading at UBS. Then he launched his own hedge fund.