Sentient Trader A Technical Analysis And Trading Software Based On Hurst Cycles!

Sentient Trader is a technical analysis and trading software. This Sentient Trader software predicts the Hurst Cycle price movements and it can be used on all type of instruments.  JM Hurst was an engineer who had studied the cyclical movements in the financial markets in 1970s and 1980s. The cycles that he discovered in the financial markets are now known as Hurst Cycles. There are many traders in the world who love to trade in accordance with these Hurst Cycles. This Sentient Trader Software is based on the principles enunciated by JM Hurst in his seminal book, “The Profit Magic Of Stock Transaction Timing” and also on his JM Hurst’s Cycles Course.

Sentient Trader

The above screenshot shows this Sentient Trader software in action analyzing the market. This Sentient Trader Software is based on the FLD Strategy as explained in his above book. FLD stands Future Line Of Demarcation. FLD Trading Strategy is an entire trading strategy that uses different skills that encompasses all aspects of trading.  David Hickson is the creator of this Sentient Trader Software. He has developed this software based on what Hurst had enunciated in his seminal book. You can watch the introductory video in which David Hickson explains the FLD Trading Strategy. Position sizing and money management is an important part of this FLD Trading Strategy. You can download the PDF that explains these important concepts in some detail when you click on the above link and visit the Sentient Trader site.