Binary Income Engine 4 Simple Strategies To Profit!

Watch the Binary Income Engine FREE presentation and discover simple strategies to profit from the global market chaos. In this Binary Income Engine FREE presentation, Abe Cofnas a 20 year master trader and renegade is going to show you how you can consistently make money every week with limited risk using binary options. Binary options are much simpler to trade as compared to forex. Suppose you enter into a long trade with a stop loss of 30 pips. To your horror, you watch the market retracing, hitting your stop loss and then reversing again in the next few hours to gain another 150 pips.

If you had traded a call binary option with an expiry of one day, you need not have worried about the stop loss as long as the market ended up higher than your entry price in the next 24 hours. So even if the market had retraced 30-50 pips and then reversed itself to go higher than your entry price in the next 24 hours, you would have made a return of 75-85% depending on the binary options broker.

So unlike forex where you have to constantly worry about the stop loss and the take profit levels, when you trade binary options, you don’t have a stop loss or a take profit level. The profit is fixed and is usually 75-85% per your investment. The risk when trading binary options is your investment meaning if you invest $500 in a binary trade, you risk losing this much amount incase the market ends up in the wrong direction. So unlike forex where you need to manage your trade, once you enter into a binary trade, you don’t need to do anything. It is set and forget. Either you win or you lose.

Abe Cofnas has been trading for the last 20 years and as said above he is considered to be a master trader. He is regularly hired by the private investor groups and brokers to teach them about this exciting new trading venue. He has traveled around the world from Tel Aviv to China and US and taught many new investors how to profit from this new trading vehicle. He normally charges $2,000 per webinar and $10,000 per training week. His book on trading binary options is also available on Amazon. After watching this Binary Income Engine FREE presentation, you will also discover how to profit from this new trading vehicle.