Non Farm Payroll System By The Online Forex Society That Can Make Upto 150 Pips On NFP Release Day!

This Non Farm Payroll Forex System can help you make from 50-150 pips in a matter of few minutes once a month when the major Non Farm Payroll announcement.  This is a 100% mechanical system with clear cut step by step entry and exit rules. The win rate is over 80% and it takes only 1 hour one day a month to trade with this NFP Forex System.  You don’t need to risk more than 2% of your equity per trade with this system. Some trades last for a few hours and turn into a profitable swing trades making as much as 600 pips.

Many traders stay out of the market on the first Friday of each month when the Non Farm Payroll Report is released early morning. On the other hand there are some traders who love to trade this Non Farm Payroll report as it gives them the opportunity to make quick 50 to 150 pips in a matter of few minutes. This NFP Forex System has been developed by Jeffrey Wilde and Nikos Mermigas. Both of them are passionate forex traders and run an Online Forex Society. Below is the screenshot of one short trade made after the NFP Report release!

Non Farm Payroll Forex System

The rules of entry and exit are clear cut with this system. Many traders are afraid of trading the NFP report and you will also get this advice from other traders to stay away from the market around the time of NFP Report release. But not anymore. You can test this system on an NFP Report release day with a lot size of 0.01 and see how it works. Below is another screenshot of this system in action!

Non Farm Payroll Forex System

Now Nikos Mermigas is a professional money manager and he has been made over 4000 pips in the last 5 years just trading the NFP Report release using his Non Farm Payroll Forex System. This is another screenshot of this system in action!

Non Farm Payroll Forex System

When you download this system you will get a 38 page manual that will explain this system to you plus there are over 50 minutes of step by step videos in which Nikos Mermigas explains how he trades with his system during the actual live NFP announcements.