ETF Cash Trading System That Has Averaged Returns Of 7.31% Daily For The Last 3 Years!

This ETF Cash Trading System has been averaging gains of 7.31% per day since the last 3 years from 21st November 2008 to 7th March 2012. ETF trading is the new buzz word amongst the investors and traders. ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds. There are thousands of ETFs available today following almost all the market sectors like stocks, commodities, currencies and indexes.Today you can find ETFs representing the famous stocks indexes like S&P 500 or the Dow Jones, you will also find ETFs that represent gold, oil, silver, coffee, real estate as well as the emerging markets like India, China and Brazil. So the ETF universe has become very wide since these trading instruments were introduced some two decades back. This ETF Cash Trading System is very simple. This ETF Trading System simply grows the profit daily using the principle of compounding.

The Birth of ETF Cash Trading System

The developer of this ETF Cash Trading System was unemployed. He decided to make a living by investing in the stock market. Then he lost $25K and hit the rock bottom in two years. The more he tried, the more he lost. He was pretty depressed on losing his hard earned cash. But he didn’t give up. He knew there was a way to make money in the stock market. He only had to discover it. He watched stocks, ETFs, indexes and options on daily basis and was amazed to discover a few patterns that were being repeated over and over again. These patterns made trading almost automatic.

ETF Cash Trading System

The above picture is the real chart of an ETF traded over a period of 20 days. Do you see a pattern here that is being repeated? If you take a closer look at the above 20 day chart, you will see that the percentage difference between the high and the low each day on average was 3.54% minimum, 11.84% maximum and on average the percentage difference between the high and the low of the day was 7.06%. Now it is impossible to extract every penny from this daily movement but you can strive to extract some good percentage of the daily market movement.

The strategy behind this ETF trading system can also work for other trading vehicles but it works best for ETFs because in recent years many brokers have made ETF trading commission free. Yes, most brokers have now stopped charging commissions on ETFs trades. So why trade other instruments like stocks and options and pay a certain percentage of the trade as commission if you can trade ETFs with zero commission. Don’t worry ETF trading is just like stock trading. Now this is how this ETF Cash Trading System works:

1. 2 Trades Daily: This is for the beginners who have never traded ETFs before. You will trade only 2 trades daily as taught in the ETF Cash Trading System manual. The return per day on average have been 3.81% for the last 3 years with these two trades.

2. 4 Trades Daily: This is for those who have developed a certain level of experience in ETF trading. The return per day on average for the last 3 years has been 7.31%. These 4 trades need more practice as compared to the first stage of 2 trades daily but is simple to execute once you understand how to do it.

3. Supercharging with Options: This is for those who want to supercharge the daily return even more. However this strategy is more advanced and a bit riskier. In this strategy, you will substitute a trade with ETFs with a trade using ETF options. This is going to give double digit returns daily.

This ETF Cash Trading System comprises of an 81 page ebook that explains everything about the system and the rules. There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you want you can download the ETF Cash Trading System ebook, go through it and then paper trade it for two months to see whether it does make a daily gain of 7.31% or not. If you don’t get good results, you can return the ETF Cash Trading System and get a refund.

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  • yasd

    April 16, 2012

    Forex Kagi is a garbage system! It’s signals are way off – it should not be advertised on your website at all!