Crash Trader Greg Roy Stock Crash Insurance Guide And His Crash Trader Service!

Meet Greg Roy, the Crash Trader from the Wealth Insider Alliance. This is what Greg Roy says about his Crash Trader Service: “Now, more than ever, you need the Crash Trading Strategies turning $100 trades into $82,888 in as little as four months! Are you prepared to protect yourself and make a bundle if that market collapses further? We’re about to head into 3rd quarter earnings season – if things aren’t rosy that alone could trigger another 1000 point collapse. The last 3 years are irrefutable proof that without a “crash strategy” in place you’re going to continue falling behind as an investor.

Threats to your wealth are everywhere. So are crash profit opportunities. I urge you to put a crash strategy in place immediately – like the ones I use with a history of turning $100 trades into $5,327…. into $7,592… and into $13,500… and have an 83% win-rate so far in 2010. Get these Crash Trader Strategies working for you right now TODAY…

We’ve already DOUBLED our money TWICE in 2010’s “mini-crashes” (peanuts compared to what’s coming in the very near future)

Regular investors and traders have been fleeing the market like a sinking ship this week.

Just like the mini-crashes in April & May sent investors running for the hills again – while we doubled our money TWICE when they hit.

If you’ve been following my Crash Trading Strategies you’ve already DOUBLED your money two times over since the mini-crashes and flash crashes hit.

We’re sitting on an 83% win rate in 2010 with average gains of 67%.

And that’s just the appetizer. Because the bigger the crash, the better the CASH.

And if you know where to look you see this market is going to fall off a cliff in the second half of 2010.

All signs point to the second half of 2010 being a “Crash Trader’s” dream come true. If you want to play these constant market crashes for every penny their worth try the Crash Trader Service RISK FREE for 90 days…

This “Ultra-Conservative” trader following my crash strategies turned a $7,400 nest egg into $226,467 in just FOUR MONTHS

Is this “risky”?

Ask Christine, because at first she was terrified she would have to risk her money so she took an Ultra-conservative trading stance towards the collapsing market last time conditions were like this.

I told her she can get rich using just 10% of her money – and not even “risk” all of that at once.

She quickly turned $624 into $41,575.01 then continued taking a conservative stance and still…

» She turned $42 into $1,625…

» She turned $284 into $18,014.90…

» She turned $384 into $22,014.88…

» She turned $707 into $43,239.76 …

» All told her $7,400 became $226,467.39 in just FOUR MONTHS!

BOTTOM LINE: You DON’T have to risk big money to make big money during market crashes.

Of course, the bigger the crash, the better the cash. Click here to find out more about how “Crash Trading” could multiply YOUR portfolio…

THE REALITY IS: Without a “Crash Strategy” you’re fighting a losing, up-hill battle against this volatile market. Because every “Mini-Crash”, “Dip” and “Collapse” puts you further and further behind financially. If you have $10,000 and lose 50% – how big of a gain do you need to get your $10,000 back? Right, 100% gain.

You need to make a 100% gain to recover from a 50% loss.

Think about it: a 50% loss on $10,000 is $5,000 but if a 50% GAIN on $5,000 is only $2,500. In order to regain your original $10,000 you need a 100% gain on $5,000.

The more you lose, the harder it is to get back to even…

» If you lose 25% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 33% just to breakeven
» If you lose 33% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 50% just to breakeven
» If you lose 50% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 100% just to breakeven

Just look at the numbers, the more you lose, the harder it keeps getting harder to recover…

» If you lose 75% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 300% just to get your money back

» If you lose 80% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 400% just to get your money back

» If you lose 90% in a downturn – you need to GAIN 900% just to get your money back

» If you lose 95% in a downturn – you need to GAIN a WHOPPING 1900% just to breakeven!

The harsh reality is you cannot expect to make money just by being “in the market”… “buy and hold” strategies are among the riskiest in the world… most trading strategies only work sometimes and rarely recover from big market downturns. Learn how to never lose money in a market crash again with the Crash Trader Service….”