Z-20 System The Asian Breakout Strategy Makes 40 Pips Every Day And Takes Only 15 Minutes Daily To Trade!

Z-20 System is a set and forget system that takes only 15-30 minutes each day to setup and then forget all about it. This Z-20 System is based on trading the Asian Breakouts. This Asian Breakout Strategy based Z-20 System has been developed by Dr. Zain Agha from UK.

Z-20 System Asian Breakout Strategy

The Z-20 System Asian Breakout Strategy comprises of placing pending orders on two currency pairs EURUSD and EURJPY at precisely 1:00 AM EST. So, if you are in US and live on the east coast, you will have to get up daily before 1:00 AM EST and place the two pending orders on these two pairs EUR/USD and EUR/JPY. But the good thing is that you are done within 15 minutes and after that you can go back to sleep.

This is a set and forget system that comes with a template that you can install on your MT4 platform. This Z-20 template will tell you where to place the pending orders, the stop losses and the take profit. Once, you have placed the orders, you can take sound sleep. This Asian Breakout Strategy will give you 20 pips profits on each pair. So, using this system will give you a daily profit of 40 pips trading not more than 15 minutes a day.

This makes this system ideal for those having a day job or are busy during the day as they don’t have to trade during the day or the evening. Just before 1:00 AM EST, enter the pending orders on the same pairs daily and then go to sleep. In the morning, you will find 40 pips profit. This z-20 System is ideal for those who can only trade part time. It will make 40 pips daily. 40 pips daily means 200 pips every week and around 800 pips per month. So, this system can easily add an income of between $4,000 to $8,000 per month for spending only 15 minutes trading forex.

If you live in UK, you will have to wake up fifteen minutes before 6:00 AM UK Time and enter the pending orders, stop losses and the take profit at 6:00 AM UK Time and that’s it. So, if you have a day job, you don’t have to worry about two trades. Go to your office or the business as usual at 9:00 AM. When you return in the evening check your account, you will find a total profit of 40 pips in your account.

This was the set and forget part of the Asian Breakout Strategy. But if you monitor the trade and replace the stop loss with a trailing stop when the trades go profitable, you can easily make upto 100 pips per trade. For those who live anywhere else, you will need to check what time this makes for you. If you find the time suitable for you, you can still trade with this Z-20 System. It will not take more than 15-20 minutes daily and can give you 40 pips profit daily. For those who do not want to wake up in the night or early morning, there is a Z-20 robot available as well that will trade for them automatically. You can try Z-20 System  Asian Breakout Strategy RISK FREE for 30 days.