Trend Collapse Forex Strategy Plus The Trend Lord Indicator FREE Download!

Download the Trend Collapse Forex Strategy plus the Trend Lord Indicator FREE. Hector DeVille, a pro forex trader is giving away his Trend Collapse Forex Strategy along with the Trend Lord Indicator FREE but only for a short time. Don’t miss it! This is a simple yet a highly profitable strategy that can make hundreds of pips quickly and easily. You must have heard this oft repeated saying: trade in the direction of the trend and never trade against a trend. Well, this is precisely what everyone does. Look for a new trend, try to enter it in its early stages and ride it till it ends.

However, when the trend comes to an end, a sudden mass panic grips the market. Everyone is now trying to ditch the trend and get off it in panic. This is what happens. When a new trend starts, everyone jumps on it and rides it. As long as there is momentum behind the trend, things look good. Many traders are happy to see their profitable trend riding positions. But all of a sudden when the momentum driving that trend starts to lose steam, panic grips the market.

Everyone is worried about losing their profitable trend riding positions. Most of these traders suddenly panic and start jumping off the trend, taking profit and exiting before the trend goes belly up. When a large portion of the market suddenly takes profit and jumps off the trend in panic, what happens?

The trend collapses! Now, in this Trend Collapse Forex Strategy, Hector DeVille shows you how you can profit from this sudden market collapse and make hundreds of pips when most of the market is jumping off and abandoning the trend. This Trend Collapse Forex Strategy works on any timeframe and any currency pair because it is based on the universal market principles. Download the FREE PDF and learn how to make pips by trading when an established trend collapses! Hector shows you in the PDF how to filter out invalid breakouts, how to enter the trade, how to place the multiple profit targets alongwith the stop loss and how to trade this strategy in real live market conditions.  Hector will also show you

—>How to identify when a trend is losing momentum and how to find the final exhaustion point of the trend.
—>How to squeeze your entry as tight as possible from the new swing’s starting point.
—>How to maximize your profit by locating the most optimum take profit points.

Trend Lord Indicator

Hector DeVille is also giving away his Trend Marking Indicator FREE. This Trend Lord Custom Indicator works on the MT4 platform. Just download it, click and drag it into your chart and that’s it. Red color will indicator a downtrend in the market and blue color will indicate an uptrend in the market.

The 3 SMA Trend Riding Strategy

When you download the Trend Collapse Strategy, you can also download the 3 SMA Trend Riding Strategy by Hector as well. Hector DeVille has prepared a series of videos that explain how to trade with this strategy plus you can also download FREE 3 SMA Custom Indicator specifically coded for this strategy.

Breakout Congestion Continuation Forex Pattern

But that’s not all! Don’t forget to watch the 30 minutes video by Hector where he explains the Breakout Congestion Continuation Forex Pattern. This forex pattern works for all currency pairs and all timeframes. But it works the best on the daily and weekly charts. Trading on the daily and weekly charts means you can trade this pattern at the end of the day. This is a high probability trade setup forex pattern that can give a 70-80% win/loss ratio!